The crying women who jumped off the balcony is a ghost and spirit that jumped off the top balcony of the strand theater in the 19th century who roams at the strand theater in SKOWHEGAN Maine to this date. The woman is very beautiful she appears in the top balcony of the theater and appears to be crying because she is upset, lonely and going through something hard and terrible and wiping her eyes and face after she stops crying and then she gets up out of her chair and walks to the rail of the top balcony and steps up and jumps off of the top balcony to her death below people were heard crying, yelling and running out of the theater after witnessing the tragedy. The lady now roams around the strand theater and appears to people that work and visit the theater. Like for examples one time a lady was sitting watching a movie on the top balcony and she saw the woman appear on a chair. The second is a woman after getting ice and putting them into buckets and then going to go up the stairs to return to the concessions she then sees a woman standing at the top of the stairs just staring at her.